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The Cluster is involved in several EU-funded projects, with the main aim to advance the use of community-scale biomass energy throughout Romania and Eastern Europe by providing technical consulting services, biomass energy program design and delivery, and education and outreach on best practices, promoting the One village 1 MW concept. 

The project aims to produce a mass deployment of improved and market ready agrobiomass heating solutions in Europe. Agrobiomass is a large, underexploited and indigenous resource, which can support the achievement of the European Energy and Climate targets, while promoting rural development and circular economy.

SPIRE has the ambition of starting a long-term environmental, social and economic redevelopment in Baia Mare, facilitating its transition from Romania’s ex-mining capital to a leader of environmental design and production. It will achieve this through the co-development of new adaptive and productive landscapes, integrated into a circular ecosystem of cascading material and energy value chains.

COSMENERG-4i 'Global Clusters for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies' is the biggest partnership in the field of renewable energy and environmental technologies originating in Central and Eastern Europe. It comprises around 450 members including large companies and SMEs, research institutions, universities, local authorities, and related stakeholders. COSMENERG-4i was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

COSMENERG-4i has been granted the European Strategic Cluster Partnership Going International (ESCP-4i) Label by the European Commission in February 2018.

Exchange of experience between researchers in the field of bioresources.

Switching to district heating systems for diversification of supply, reducing gas dependency and increasing the use of locally available renewable sources

The project aims to develop two new master’s curricula in key bioenergy disciplines – Biorefinery Engineer (BRE) and Bioresource Value Chain Manager (BVC) and training 3000 students, to linking business and HEIs on bioenergy education and to create regional outreach networks and quality standards.

The objective of the BioVill project is to transfer and adapt experiences gained in countries where bioenergy villages already exists (Germany and Austria) to countries with less examples in this sector (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania). The project fosters the development of the bioenergy sector in selected target countries by strengthening the role of locally produced biomass as a main contributor for energy supply on local level, considering opportunities of market uptake or expansion for local farmers, wood producers or SMEs.

COSMENERG - Cluster Excellence project in the Central and Eastern European network of cluster organizations in the field of (eco- and bio) energy, renewable energy, and environmental technologies

Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in the field of biomass energy.

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Experience exchange to increase energy efficiency in rural areas in the Central Region.

Develop and promote an integrated heating system based on biomass and encourage the development of eco-enterprises along the value chain of biomass.

Promoting in Romania the technology for the cultivation of the energy willow (Salix Viminalis) as an alternative source of clean energy.

Education and public awareness of environmental protection