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Green Energy Cluster

Green Energy Innovative Biomass Cluster has been founded with the aim to raise the interest in the production and utilization of the biomass, the most important renewable energy source in Romania. 

Green Energy Cluster is a social economy cluster that ensures the frame to develop solutions in the field of the biomass by putting emphasis on the ecological and social innovations.

The mission of the cluster is to link businesses, research organizations, universities and public administration in order to enhance cooperation, stimulate innovation, spread knowledge in the field of the solid biomass, the most important renewable energy source in Romania.

The aim is to define innovative solutions and synchronize the production and utilization of the solid biomass by developing the biomass value-chain and enhancing cooperation among cluster participants.

Clusters are considered as regional ecosystems of related industries and competences featuring a broad array of inter-industry interdependencies. (EC definition). They are defined as groups of firms, related economic actors, and institutions that are located near each other and have reached a sufficient scale to develop specialised expertise, services, resources, suppliers and skills.


The cluster consists of all the partners who initially signed the Agreement establishing the cluster, or who subsequently joined the cluster according to the rules established by the Cluster Regulation.

More information on how to become a member of the Cluster: click here

The Cluster Agreement has been signed and entered into force on the 14th of February 2011.

The 34 entities who signed the Constituting document represent economic actors, research and innovation entities, local public authorities as well as institutions and consulting companies all of them having as interest to develop the bioenergy sector, especially to produce sustainable energy from local biomass sources.