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How to join

The cluster consists of all the partners who initially signed the Agreement establishing the cluster, or who subsequently joined the cluster according to the rules established by the Cluster Regulation.

More information on how to become a member of the Cluster: click here

Each partner, a legal person from the cluster, appoints a representative - a natural person from the legal person - to represent him / her within the cluster in accordance with the Agreement establishing the cluster. The appointment is made on the basis of a letter addressed to the President of the Coordinating Council, which will contain the name, surname, position and contact details of the delegated person.

Different experts, natural persons, can also join the cluster, based on a recommendation made by a research institute or a university, or on the basis of a CV that attests the competences of the respective person in a certain area of ​​interest for the cluster. This person will be registered in the expert database, managed by EMC, as a member of the cluster.

(a) Acquiring membership of the Cluster

Any organization or specialist natural person, who through his activity contributes to the development and consolidation of the Cluster and expresses his interest to join the cluster, will register at the EMC an Application form for accession.
The EMC submits the accession request to the Coordinating Council. The Council, after analyzing the application together with the other members of the Cluster, will either support the applicant's accession to the Cluster or will reject the request for accession, in strict accordance with the position expressed by the other members of the Cluster. The CCC, by a simple majority vote, will adopt a Decision on the admission or rejection of the applicant's accession request.

(b) Loss of membership of the Cluster

The loss of membership can occur under the following conditions:
- by withdrawal upon request, formulated by any member of the cluster
- by exclusion due to serious deviations, such as:
• taking actions that are in flagrant opposition to the interests of the cluster;
• serious damages of image brought to the cluster as a result of criminal facts, evidenced by a final court decision;
• systematic deduction from actions organized by the cluster in which the contribution of the respective organization or persons could have played a decisive role.

(c) Integration of the results of the Cluster members

The relevant results (activities, actions, projects) obtained by the Cluster members individually or in partnership will be integrated, assimilated as a result of the Cluster.