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Companies, supply chain actors

The efficient operation of all components of  the biomass supply chain include harvesting and collection, pre treatment, upgrading, storage, transportation and handling. All these operations are important to ensure a stable supply. Partnership among stakeholders working in the biomass supply chain is a mean to develop more effective and integrated approaches to biomass heating, particularly in the developing markets. The importance of a holistic approach cannot be underestimated.

The role of entrepreneurs in the cluster:

  • development of the biomass value chain
  •  development of integrated systems for the production and use of biomass 
  • common presence on the national and international market
  • joint participation in national and international exhibitions, fairs and conferences
  • collaboration - depending on the possibilities - in development projects
  • development and implementation of joint projects
  • professional collaboration with institutions, innovation-research organizations; collaboration with economic organizations for cluster development; collaboration with local public authorities and institutions
  • support in the professional training of the cluster members

Biomass fuel producers include: farmers who cultivate energy willows, distributors of energy willow seedlings, pellet and briquette producers, service companies for waste management, cleaning of green areas, cleaning of pastures, forestry management, wood industry companies etc.

The core part of the Cluster is represented by the boiler manufacturer Erpek Ind company. The company is a local provider of planning and design of bioenergy facilities and is well-established at the regional market. The boilers are fully automatized and use remote control and monitoring applications to facilitate the handling and secure operation for costumers.


Suppliers of components for a complex biomass heating system, given the fact that the majority of the components in a biomass system are interconnected and overall system performance will depend on providing components that are compatible and suited to the heat requirement of the site.

Companies who ensure adequate equipments for the production of the biomass.

The role of the consulting companies, architects, designers, IT specialists within the cluster is promoting and informing the members of the cluster regarding the legislation on the activity field; providing specialized consultancy; informing the members about support and funding programs. 

Consumers, end-users who are either beneficiaries or the operators of the biomass heating facilities. 

These facilities cover: industrial  and agro-industrial users, greenhouse, tourism facilities, social care service housing etc.

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