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Aim, mission, values

The mission of the cluster is to link businesses, research organizations, universities and public administration in order to enhance cooperation, stimulate innovation, spread knowledge in the field of the solid biomass, the most important renewable energy source in Romania.

The aim is to define innovative solutions and synchronize the production and utilization of the solid biomass by developing the biomass value-chain and enhancing cooperation among cluster participants.

The Cluster's core values are:

Sustainability :: Clean energy :: Cooperation :: Innovation :: Green business development :: Social equity :: Local economic development :: Environment protection :: Energy independence 



Objectives of the Cluster


  1. Enhance cluster management organization
  • Ensure financing of the management organization
  • Competence development and continuous learning of the staff
  • Adequate frame / work /task organisation of the cluster management
  • Enhanced cluster facilitation (communication, internal networking)
  1. Stimulate innovation and innovative solutions in the field of solid biomass
  • Intensify cooperation between businesses and RDI (universities and other RDI suppliers)
  • Facilitate cooperation
  • Acquisition of third party funding for R&D projects
  • Collaborative technology development, technology transfer
  1. Business development along the biomass value-chain
  • Support for enterprises to explore business opportunities
  • Consulting and coaching for businesses in order to increase their productivity
  • Strengthen cooperation and commercial relations among businesses
  • Attracting new (missing) businesses in the cluster (or generating new start-ups to fulfil new demands of the market)
  1. Human resource development
  • Specific training related to cluster development for the cluster participants (focusing on clustering / benefits of cluster)
  • Establishment of vocational training courses, study-courses, curricula
  1. Improve the visibility of the cluster
  • Common marketing policy, brand
  • Enhanced external communication
  • Lobby to represent the interests of the cluster participants and contribute to relevant policies
  1. Internationalisation
  • Intensifying international contacts and cooperation with foreign partners or clusters
  • Initiation and partnership in international innovation projects (knowledge transfer, best practice exchange)
  • Networking and representation of the cluster abroad