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P2GreenEST is a project aiming at developing BSOs’ and clusters capacities to support EU innovative green SMEs’ internationalisation and participation in public procurement in Eastern non-EU countries. 

The overall project is based on the circular economy approach, in line with the New European Green Deal’s objective to create new markets for climate neutral and circular products. The partners have already identified the following challenges: sustainable water management, waste management, and energy production, of major importance in the Eastern region, with a focus on Moldova and Ukraine.


The strong European partnership from France, Spain and Romania, enriched by a fourth strategic partner from Moldova, will positively impact 18 clusters and BSOs, more than 1600 SMEs, and around 30 Eastern public procurers.

The objectives of the project are embodied in its activities, that will enable European BSOs to build their capacity on public procurement and knowledge on Eastern markets and opportunities, provide advisory services to EU SMEs through an internationalisation strategy and a Help Desk, implement a win-win situation for EU and Eastern public procurers through knowledg-sharing, B2B and B2P meetings or international trade missions. 

It will elaborate around 20 main deliverables, among which the main outputs will be the elaboration of a joint internationalisation strategy and its roadmap, the launch of an E-watch system, the organisation of trainings and networking events (B2B, B2P) on public procurement, the implementation of a Help Desk, and international trade missions. 

The main project result will be to enable EU SMEs, through interregional and cross sectoral cluster cooperation, to deploy innovative green solutions that meet the needs of Eastern regions, allowing a win-win situation: EU SMEs become more competitive while non-EU countries gain knowledge on existing innovative green technologies for addressing their specific environmental challenges.