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SPIRE (Smart Post-Industrial Regenerative Ecosystem)

SPIRE has the ambition of starting a long-term environmental, social and economic redevelopment in Baia Mare, facilitating its transition from Romania’s ex-mining capital to a leader of environmental design and production. It will achieve this through the co-development of new adaptive and productive landscapes, integrated into a circular ecosystem of cascading material and energy value chains.


Project title: SPIRE - Smart Post-Industrial Regenerative Ecosystem

Project start date: 2019
Project end date: 2022

Budget: EUR 2 611 840.4


The project in numbers: 

  • 7.15 hectares of contaminated land included in a phytoremediation and renaturing process
  • 250 youth beneficiaries and 3000 citizens involved
  • 3 bio-based start-ups using biomass for innovative applications in the construction industry
  • 10 citizen-led eco-initiatives

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This initiative is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through Urban Innovative Actions.

Press release (09.04.2020)