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When we speak about sustainable communities we should think about the meaning of a community. It has a really important role, how people make connections and build their commune in a sustainable way with the local resources. In the Green Energy Cluster we found a solution in the use of biomass for heating in a sustainable way. When we realized our international projects we involved the local community in the different activities: we organized infodays, conferences, biomass collecting.

So with these projects some villages from Transylvania could learn more about the biomass, energy willow, smart boilers, biomass to energy processes, bioenergy value chain, and other sustainability topics. For example Estelnic and Ghelinta were the main sample villages from Romania in the BioVill project and the mayors and their colleges successfuly implemented new bioenergy technology, while by this project a new sustainable energy management mentality has been established in their villages. In other communitites such as Locodeni, Baile Tusnad, Zabola in these villages the people use our smart biomass boilers, which are developed by Erpek Ind Ltd. with the brand of BioSistem.

The main question is that how we integrate the wood waste or another burnable solid biomass waste in a circular process and make energy - heat in a sustainable way? In our opinion the most effective way is when the local people collect their wood and green waste and after that they can heat with smart boilers the most important buildings: schools, churches, mayor’s offices. Because of the forests, the green/wood waste is always at hand in these villages. Furthermore, some entrepreneurs have their own energy willow plantation, and they are annualy producers of bioenergy for their firms, for example a bakery, wood industry company, center for people with disabilities. So they applied successfully this model in their local communities.