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One village – 1 MW concept

Energy problems are so acute that it is no longer possible to satisfy the world’s constantly growing needs. This growth of energy demand must be increasingly satisfied by diversified energy sources, including sustainable and renewable resources. Biomass is a renewable energy option that can be practical and safe, can strengthen the economy, and can help ease the urgent strain on our planet’s ecosystem.

Currently there is a poor organization of the biomass market. It is necessary to find a viable solution for the biomass sector by ensuring a balance between production and use of biomass.

Green Energy Biomass Cluster has received a grant from Norway Grants to implement a project whose aim is to develop an integrated model of a community-scale energy system.
Small-scale bioenergy systems are plants of up to 1 MW of energy generating capacity. They have the advantage of being able to be distributed throughout a community.

Using locally-sourced waste wood in small-scale community-based bioenergy systems has great potential to develop local jobs and economies and to ensure the energy of rural settlements.

The investment in the small ‘pilot plant’ is taking place at Estelnic village, Covasna County and it has the following components:
- Establishing a willow crop of 3 hectares on a land owned by the village for producing woodchips
- Harvesting green wood waste from public areas; and using a wood-chipper to obtain woodchips
- Installation of a 135 kW biomass heating system for a local public institution, fueled with locally obtained woodchips

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