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Cluster management

Cluster organisations are the legal entities that support the strengthening of collaboration, networking and learning in innovation clusters and act as innovation support providers by providing or channelling specialised and customised business support services to stimulate innovation activities, especially in SMEs2. They are usually the actors that facilitate strategic partnering across clusters.

Since 2011, the management entity of the cluster is assumed by Asociatia Green Energy, who legally respresents the cluster and has an executive role.

In January 2016 the Cluster has been audited for Silver Label. The Silver Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative is a quality label in its own right. The Silver Label quality confirms the successful implementation of improvement processes of the Cluster.

Main tasks of the cluster management:

  • Fostering exchange between cluster members
  • Identifying and integrating cluster members
  • Strategy development and monitoring
  • Organizing events
  • Networking & lobbying
  • Creating awareness of promoting cluster policy in the region
  • Initiation, development and supervision of co-operating projects between companies and R&D facilities
  • Stimulating innovation in the cluster
  • Organizing/securing financing and funding
  • Carrying out public relation and marketing activities
  • Initiation, development and supervision of B2B co-operation projects
  • Development and implementation of PR concept of the cluster
  • Development and implementation of internationalization strategy of the cluster
  • Initiation, development and supervision of international co-operation projects of cluster members


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