The mission of the cluster is to link businesses, research organizations, universities and public administration in order to enhance cooperation, stimulate innovation, spread knowledge in the field of the solid biomass.

Cluster excellence

Cluster excellence

The cluster management organisation has been able to demonstrate improvements in the course of an audit conducted by an assessor of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative, therefore it has been awarded with the Silver Label. The Silver Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative is a quality label in its own right. The Silver Label quality confirms the successful implementation of improvement processes that were initiated following a Bronze label benchmarking.

About us

Green Energy Innovative Biomass Cluster has been founded with the aim to raise the interest toward the production and utilization of the solid biomass, the most important renewable energy source in Romania.

The cluster ensures the frame to develop innovative solutions in the field of the solid biomass by putting emphasis on the environmental, social and economic benefits.