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Exchange of experience in the field of energy efficiency in rural areas

The workshops organized in the Centru region have contributed to the development of knowledge in the field of energy efficiency among the stakeholders in the public sector and the economic sector. Participants have the opportunity to get informed directly from energy efficiency experts.At the same time, the Norwegian partner Norsk Energi's specialists had the opportunity to learn about local realities in the field of bioenergy, the situation regarding the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in rural areas. Taking into account these data and these realities, the formulation of ideas / proposals for projects becomes more realistic, more compatible with the needs of the rural community. 

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Green Energy Cluster supporting the development of the first cluster from Republic of Moldova

Dozens of organizations get together to boost biomass energy sector, with the support of the European Union. Thus, a biomass energy cluster was established in March 2017, following Romania’s model, to promote the development of the biomass energy sector through advocacy, research, international cooperation.

Energy problems are so acute that it is no longer possible to satisfy the world’s constantly growing needs. This growth of energy demand must be increasingly satisfied by diversified energy sources, including sustainable and renewable resources. Biomass is a renewable energy option that can be practical and safe, can strengthen the economy, and can help ease the urgent strain on our planet’s ecosystem.

Green Energy Biomass Cluster promotes and invests in acceleration of the entire biomass chain. Group members participate in numerous activities to promote the valorization and use of woody biomass, including: training sessions on bioenergy issues, active involvement in local projects such as cultivation of energy crops, support for building the biomass thermal plant at TEGA Sfantu Gheorghe.