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Our cluster's services


  • Fostering exchange between cluster members
  • Identifying and integrating cluster members
  • Strategy development and monitoring
  • Organizing events
  • Networking & lobbying
  • Creating awareness of promoting cluster policy in the region
  • Initiation, development and supervision of co-operating projects between companies and R&D facilities
  • Stimulating innovation in the cluster
  • Organizing/securing financing and funding
  • Carrying out public relation and marketing activities
  • Initiation, development and supervision of B2B co-operation projects
  • Development and implementation of PR concept of the cluster
  • Development and implementation of internationalization strategy of the cluster
  • Initiation, development and supervision of international co-operation projects of cluster members


1. Research-Development-Innovation WG

  • facilitate cooperation between businesses and RDI (universities and other RDI suppliers) for innovation project ideas
  • initiation and acquisition of third party funding for R&D projects
  • Initiation of collaborative innovation projects between cluster participants for technology development, technology transfer
  • Cooperation with innovation support and innovation service providers, business and innovation promoters

2. Business Development WG

  • Give support in exploring business opportunities
  • Consulting and coaching
  • Strengthen cooperation and commercial relations among businesses
  • Attracting new (missing) businesses in the cluster or
  • generating new start-ups to fulfil new demands of the market

3. Education and Human Resource Development WG

  • Specific training related to cluster development for the cluster participants (focusing on clustering / benefits of the cluster)
  • Establishment of vocational training courses, study-courses, curricula

4. Marketing, Communication WG

  • Developing and implementing a common marketing policy, developing a brand
  • Enhanced external communication
  • Lobby to represent the interests of the cluster participants and contribute to relevant policies

5. Internationalisation WG

  • Intensify international contacts and cooperation with foreign partners or clusters
  • Initiate and establish partnership in international projects (knowledge transfer, best practice exchange)
  • Networking and representation of the cluster abroad