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Institutions, authorities

The role of the public sector as members of the Cluster

  • Collaboration with the other members of the cluster for the best promotion of renewable energies
  • Formulating strategies and policies in synergy with the needs expressed by the actors in the field of biomass, members of the Cluster


1. Local public authorities:

  • adopt local energy policies by including the field of bioenergy, the implementation of integrated systems based on biomass and the adoption of solutions that contribute to the increase of independence from the conventional energy sources.
  • adopt measures to facilitate the organization of the system for the production and use of biomass locally and to create the framework for implementing sustainable solutions in the field.

Cluster members:


2. Agencies and public institutions

  • Include in the regional strategies and policies the development of the field of bioenergy. Consider the field of bioenergy as smart specialization field.

Cluster members: