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Internationalisation and international visibility

The Cluster has been mentioned as best practice model in the EU-financed projects

  • Promobio (Promotion of regional bioenergy initiatives),
  • ADC (mobilizing public support for entrepreneurial cooperation in the strategic productive sectors of South East Europe),
  • Ecrein+ (exchange experiences with the aim to develop tools and actions to implement innovative regional policies supporting eco-innovation and eco-businesses),
  • Proactive Change
  • TREC-Danube (a transnational network of regional clusters in the field of renewable energy, energy systems and bio economy).

Internationalisation strategy

1.Cooperation with clusters from the biomass sector between biomass domains

Through exchange of ideas, best practices

  • legislation
  • financing
  • subsidie
  • promotion
  • applications

Joint advocacy, awareness raising towards the biomass topic and analysis of its complexity and all its aspects (social, ecological, energetic, economic)

  • -protecting the environment (waste collection)
  • -sewage treatment, waste wood
  • -fallow agricultural land for energy crops
  • -greening cities, rural areas
  • -green energy, sustainable energy independence
  • -the social aspect (green job opportunities for disadvantaged groups, unqualified)
  • -Economic aspects

2.Renewable energy in Nordic countries

The way of organization, organized model communities

3.Biomass topic at European level

  • -Integrated biomass at Community level (community based systems)
  • -heating plants powered by small size biomass systems, an alternative to energy independence especially in rural localities
  • -The disadvantage of large thermal plants rain forest destruction

4.Relationship development with East European countries

Republic of Moldova, Ucraine, China, Japan

5.Expertise from European experts in project development, C2C cooperation

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Hungary, France