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The initiative of establishing the cluster is due to the fact that key players have recognized the potential of the biomass within the region.

The possibilities are wide ranging: trees and woody plants, including limbs, tops, needles, leaves, and other woody parts grown in a forest, creek bed cleaning, energy crop plantations could be developed on the fallow, and there is a significant amount of industrial and urban wood waste. In our region, in the Carpathian-curve testing is underway in the potential of power plant plantations. This provides a model for other business areas as well, but substantial logging is taking place, plenty of available wood waste and sawdust.


The next chain link is also available: we have boiler producers, and a big end-user closes the circle, a one million euro greenhouse is heated with biomass. In the city the sanitation company heats his site with the collected wood waste. These are existing individual models, which may be promoted and an industry can be built on them. This train of tought led to the founding of the Association for Green Energy in May 2009, together in a group it can be better promoted.


The producers, manufacturers, users were already here, and we had to raise this activity to the next level. It was time to involve the research and development stakeholders, the public institutions, local actors, so we created in February 2011 the Green Energy Biomass Innovation Cluster. We went from regional (county) to national, created a National Biomass Cluster. Today, the cluster has strengthened its relations with international actors, we are part of cluster associations.