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Heating systems

In the field of biomass based heating systems the cluster has identified the following priority areas requiring research, collaboration technology.

  • Containerized heating systems for loading/ unloading biomass
  • heating system automation and security
  • combustion system
  • interchangeable containers
  • cogeneration plant using biomass to produce thermal energy while producing electricity
  • design and implementation of an automated combustion installation for burning biomass obtained from energy plantations

Community heating with local renewable energy obtained from biomass

Know-how of the logistics, best practices in organizing the collection of wood waste at local/regional level
Best practices about the optimal structure, organizational model at community level for a bioenergy village.
Building successful public-private partnerships
The importance of involving persons from vulnerable groups / unemployed by generating new job opportunities (e.g. collecting wood-waste, chipping collected green waste etc.)
Develop community work program for cleaning of green areas by ensuring the necessary biofuel at community level.
Raising the awareness of the community and decision makers about the multiple impact of the biomass (eliminate problems of environmental pollution, energy production, generating new jobs, local eco-business development

Companies involved in this topic: ARIADNE IMPEX SRL, ERPEK IND SRL, EXPLOCOM GK SRL

Universities and research institutions involved: Transilvania Brasov, Polytechnic University Bucharest, Association of heating devices