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The main activity is the manufacture of aluminum and PVC double-glazed windows.

The company is interested in the production of energy willow biomass.

Sfântu Gheorghe, str. Tigaretei nr.46

Contact person: Füstös Imre

Cultivation of biomass energy willow.

Project Ligsalchem

Sfantu Gheorghe str. Presei nr.4

Contact person: Domokos Arpad

Cultivation of biomass energy willow.

557 / J Petelea, Mureş County

Contact person: Vasile Farcas


Production and marketing of electric and thermal energy.

Owner of ANRE licenses: electricity generation; supply of electricity; thermal energy production; transport of thermal energy; distribution of heat.

Str. Industries, no. 1, Ramnicu Valcea, Jud.

Contact person: Ion Stoian

Cultivation of biomass energy willow.

Poian 72, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Domokos Arpad

Electrawinds is an international energy company, founded in Belgium. Being an electricity company, Electrawinds produces green, wind, biomass and solar energy. This also involves the installations recently made. In the biomass sector, the vertical integration strategy had effects in 2012 to turn on the turn-key of the Energo Zelena-Serbia plant.

Bulevardul Mamaia nr. 158, Constanta

Contact person: Christophe Bols

Design and execution in their own conception of the machines on two main themes:

I. Bakery bakeries and other accessories in the field

II. Centrifugal stoves with sawdust (biogas waste from a screw-type granule) hot water boilers fired with wood waste, biomass, materials that can be driven by a screw in automatic or if necessary can be powered manually

Bodoc 14 / A, Jud. Covasna

Contact person: Bartha Sandor

The production of wood charcoal and briquettes produces and puts into operation retortion systems for wood charcoal production according to EU standards

Forest exploitation

571 Lupeni, Harghita County

Contact person: Kovács Géza

It operates the water supply and sewerage systems in the district of Covasna.

Evacuation, treatment, and storage of sludge (e.g., sludge spreading on willow plantations as a natural fertilizer).

Str. Bánki Dónáth 27, Sfântu Gheorghe, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Fejer Alexandru

Performs building construction works

458 Valea Crişului, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Tartan Laszlo

Presentation, popularization, and distribution of seedlings for energy willow plantations,

Construction of thermal power plants and equipment recommendations for briquetting and pelletizing.

Str. M Eminescu 1/7, Miercurea-Ciuc, Harghita County

Contact person: Benkő Alexandru

Cultivation of biomass energy willow.

Str. Cuza Voda 58, Focsani, Vrancea County

Contact person: Dan Spantulescu

One of the most important agricultural machinery manufacturers in Romania.

Str.Dumbravei, nr.6, Piatra Neamt, Neamt County

Contact person: Laura Şerban

Cultivation of biomass energy willow.

Str. St. John 17, Brasov

Contact person: Nita Constantin

It carries out its activity in the field of collecting and recycling plastic, leather, rubber and textiles, also providing intermediation services for the recovery of waste

place. Ulmi, str. Principala nr. 384 A

Contact person: Liliana Beres

Produce garden furniture from acacia wood (in particular), the products are remade by durability.

Biomass supply obtained from waste from the wood processing industry.

Project partner Bio build - Synthesis of some C4, C5 carboxylic acid building blocks from renewable biomass resources.

Str. Lunca Oltului 1 / A, Sfintu Gheorghe, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Bagoly Miklós Levente

Deliver top quality products and services to the market with 18 years of experience in the field of automotive tires.

Orban Balazs str.14, Targu Secuiesc, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Bartha Vilmos

Cultivation of biomass energy willow.

5 Cimitirului Str., Targu Secuiesc, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Fetés Levente

The production of annual and seasonal flowers.

Heating one-hectare greenhouse with biomass thermal plant, ensuring the need for biomass from green waste.

Valea Crisului, DN 12 km 16 + 455, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Rendi Ferenc

Cultivation of biomass energy willow.

str. Bradului 160, Bacau

Contact person: Rusu Constantin

Construction demolition, industrial waste

Str. Nicolae Iorga, Sfantu Gheorghe

Contact person: Deak David

Manages public waste disposal services

Model of wood waste from the green areas of Sfantu Gheorghe (forestry, gardening and cleaning operations). Wood residues (barks, chips, branches, etc.) are used for energy production necessary for internal heat consumption.

str. Crângului nr. 1, Sfântu Gheorghe, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Tóth-Birtan Csaba

collecting, sorting, and processing of any type of wood waste, including packaging, alluvial wood waste from the rocks, on the edge of the access ways, removing trees from municipal services and cleaning up mountain pastures.

Str. Marton Aron, nr 9 / A, Toplita, Harghita County

Contact person: Cristian Dobrean

Trade and service center, boilers.

Str. Szacsvai Janos 2, Targu Secuiesc, jud. Covasna

Contact person: Papp Zoltán